The Page Biter

A lot can go into creating a simple video that the casual viewer may not notice. You use –

  • Director
  • Script/Treatment that the production follows
  • Camera Operator for Stills and Motion
  • Lighting
  • Sound (and this can include location recording and music selection)
  • Location/Sets
  • Props
  • Actors

just to get the production happening. Then you will need the equipment in order to achieve it.

Once the shoot is over you need to have it edited and published.

For this basic Arts and Craft Instructional video that I created I needed to be all of those roles listed  and I also used 5 different programs for editing:

  • Sound Capture and Design Program
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator,
  • After effects
  • Premiere Pro

and Youtube if you include publishing.  I have not included the amount of time it takes to Render Video (allows the effects to be visible in the video) export it and upload it, but it is substantial.

Now I am not saying this is some Scorsese-ian masterpiece but it is something to think about when next you require a video, no matter how simple, to be created for you or your product.