Coffee Table With A Difference

Are you someone who likes to ponder the Big questions of life, in contemplative, meditative thought whilst sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee? Well then this is the coffee table for you. Artist Bruce Shapiro has created a Kinetic sand sculpture in the shape of a coffee table that operates automatically.

How it works is, below a fine layer of sand, is a two-motor robot. It controls a magnet that pulls the metal ball along a programmed path of polar coordinates. The metal-base tables feature stepper motors, which are quiet, precise, and perfectly suited for the smaller diameter art pieces. The wood-base tables feature powerful servo motors, which are quieter and more precise at higher speeds, making them better suited for the larger sizes. Each Sisbot is built by hand and individually tested before placement in the tables.

The diagrams can also be changed via a mobile app (see video)

You can Purchase the table here: